Employment History

Technical Architect. 
CGI (Toulouse)
February 2020 – Present

Flight Hour Services (FHS) powered by Skywise. 
Infotel for Airbus SLRA (Blagnac)
September 2019 – January 2020

Java 8, SQL, Python, Eclipse, Git, Palantir Foundry (based on Apache Spark), Trello, SAFe®

Skywise is a major Airbus initiative to provide better services to airlines by collecting and analysing data from in-service aircrafts.
FHS is a service offered by Airbus to ease maintenance activities (component supply, repair, full airframe maintenance).
In order to feed FHS with standardized data, a set of Business Object has been defined.

  • Use of my Java / Big Data expertise to define a generic optimized architecture for new objects (Spark Java).

  • Use of my agile experience (SAFe) to setup activity monitoring for the project manager (backlog priorization, Kanban monitoring, weekly meetings) and taking into account business priorities for the implementation of new objects (Spark Java).

  • Optimization (speed, robustness) of existing objects (adapting to new languages: Spark SQL, PySpark) and setup of monitoring on all objects (existing and new ones).

  • Transmission of my aeronautical experience and my Big Data expertise to my successor.

Skywise Ground Connectivity (SGC). 
Infotel for IBM and Airbus SDE (Colomiers, Toulouse, Blagnac)
August 2017 – September 2019

ARINC 429, XML, JSON, Java 8, Apache Commons, Eclipse, Git, Amazon AWS (S3, DynamoDB, SQS, Lambda, EC2), Palantir Foundry (based on Apache Spark), VersionOne, Confluence, SAFe®

Skywise is a major Airbus initiative to provide better services to airlines by collecting and analysing data from in-service aircrafts.
SGC is the project responsible for collecting and decoding avionics data from the aircrafts and make it available to maintenance models.

Big Data Technical Expert (Java / AWS) in an agile team (SAFe) of 4 developers on SGC MDD component (ARINC 429 Massive Data Decoder):

  • Highlighting my aeronautical experience to act as focal point with the PO, avionics design offices, maintenance engineers, Skywise architects, Skywise support, business managers.

  • Use of my strong Java AWS expertise for the creation of the first prototype A429 decoder and the initialization of development and test environments in AWS.

  • Use of my expertise for the specification and optimization (speed and robustness) of the Java AWS architecture (Lambdas then multi-threaded auto-scaling EC2).

  • Adaptability for architecture migration to a Palantir Foundry platform (based on Apache Spark).

  • Transmission of my aeronautical experience and my Big Data expertise to newcomers on the project.

AirN@v Technical Data. 
Infotel for Airbus SVIP (Blagnac)
February 2016 – July 2017

SGML, XML, XSL, FOP, Java 8, Eclipse, SVN, Git, Jira, Scrum/Kanban

AirN@v is a software suite for the airlines to consult aircraft maintenance documentation.

  • Sharing my Java expertise in an agile team for the specification and implementation of functional developments on the ADOC N@vigator documentation viewer.

  • Use of my XML and PDF (Apache FOP) experience for specification and adaptation of Job Cards printing component to new airline needs.

  • Adaptability to a new aircraft platform (A350 FSA-NG AISD) to develop a prototype software (ADS-Lite project) for consulting the maintenance documentation of the aircraft.

Airbus Embedded Applications. 
Infotel for Airbus EYY (Blagnac)
May 2015 – January 2016

ATA 46, Web Services, SNMP, Java 5, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, SVN

OWAG project is a communication system for Open World (ATA 46) software on board A380 aircrafts.

  • Use of my aeronautical and Java expertise to specify and implement connection sharing (GSM / WiFi / Gatelink) and aircraft tracking functionalities.

  • Highlighting my aeronautical experience to carry out test campaigns on simulators and as support for the Airbus Product Leader and integration teams on the aircraft platform.

Research and Development Engineer. 
SOGETI High Tech Research & Development (Toulouse)
March 2015 – April 2015

Big Data Project: predictive analysis of VélôToulouse service use.

  • Adaptability to a new functional context (self-service bikes), new tools (R language, MongoDB), new methodologies (statistical analyzes) to analyze the use of VélôToulouse stations.

Open World Technical Integration. 
SOGETI High Tech for Airbus SVI and EYY (Blagnac, Toulouse)
September 2009 – February 2015


The Open World perimeter (ATA 46: information system) is the aircraft’s information system. It groups together the equipment that provides information traditionally available in paper format (cartography, flight plan, logbook, operational and maintenance manuals,…).

  • Highlighting my functional experience to manage the integration of aircraft software (A380, A330 / 340, A350, A320) on the Open World scope: contribution to software reviews, lifecycle management in Airbus tools, management the Airbus software repository.

  • Use of my Java / XML / Linux technical expertise for the implementation of the Open World configuration specific to each aircraft and writing associated certification documents.

  • Sharing my functional and technical experience in support of integration teams and in continuous improvement of processes and tools.

eLogbook A380. 
SOGETI High Tech for Airbus (Blagnac)
June 2009 – August 2009

The A380 eLogbook is an electronic logbook which allows you to record incidents occurring during the flight and to follow corrective maintenance operations.

  • Adapting to new activities: writing and execution of pre-integration functional tests.

DLW (Data Loader Workshop) A400M. 
SOGETI High Tech for EADS Test & Services (Colomiers)
February 2008 – May 2009

The DLW A400M is an equipment (server + avionics bays + programmable industrial controller) which allows the computers to be initialized (OS and software) before their installation on the aircraft.

  • Adapting to a new industry (aeronautics) and use of my Java and Linux experience for the specification and development of the software part of the DLW A400M.

  • Test and deployment of the final equipment in connection with the Seville FAL (assembly plant) to prepare for the A400M 1st flight.

Research and Development Engineer. 
CLEODE (Lannion)
October 2004 – February 2008

The Gypse electronic card is an industrial controller (SCADA), controllable through the Cleosys HMI.
The Epidote software workshop makes it possible to model control screens for Cleosys and operating rules for Gypse.

  • Development of my Java expertise by specifying and implementing a library of Swing widgets for Cleosys software.
    Corrective and functional evolutions on Cleosys software (HMI, communication protocol, data model, ...).
    Specification and implementation of Epidote software and various plugins: project browser, import / export of existing configurations, control screens editor, mathematical functions editor, GRAFCET editor, ...

  • Attraction for technology intelligence by carrying out a comparative study of different Java plugin architectures for the Epidote workshop.

  • Discovery of customer relationship by participating in investor or client presentations and making specific adaptations for clients.


Post-Master Certificate in Communicating Computer Systems Engineering (Télécom Bretagne diploma) .  2004
IMT Atlantique

Arts et Métiers engineering degree.  2003
Arts et Métiers ParisTech - École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers


Scaled Agile: Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist – May 2018
Amazon AWS: AWS Solution Architect training – January 2018
English: Advanced Working Proficiency, TOEIC – May 2000 (790)


  • Sailing: See my nautical resume .

  • Computing: Self-hosting @home (web, mail, chat, storage), Sysadmin @home (Debian, Ubuntu, YunoHost distributions) since 1999